Friday, April 22, 2011

Behind the Title

As you can see my blog title is "The Family with 3 Last Names" and since I have change it I have been meaning to explain it all. Some may think this is too personal to share, some may not, in my case, I want to share!
I have a little family of three and each member (my son, myself, and my boyfriend) all have different last names. My son has my maiden last name for the being of his Biological father (no Alex is not his biological father) is pretty much not in the picture. As I said Jayden has my maiden last name so there for you understand that yes I have been married, still currently am, but have been separated since July of 2010. So that is where the second last name comes from, and then Alex, well he has his last name so that makes 3.
Back in December of 2009 I met my sons biological father, for some odd reason I thought I met Mr. Perfect (HA what a joke!) We instantly became inseparable. I went down to Florida with him New years day, to meet his mom and step dad (I know I was out of my mind, drive from the top of the US to the bottom a total of 25 hours in the car, with someone I barely new (met him December 19th I think) but i thought it was a great idea... good thing he let me return!) Flew back home a week or so later and continued on with long distance relationship of 12 hours apart. See Kyle was in the military and was stationed in North Carolina. I traveled down to see him 3 time and then decided to move down there (I look back today and can't believe how quick I did all this and realize everyone who said anything about it was RIGHT!) The third time I went down there he proposed to me, sometime in march (nope don't remember the date). We got married April 23rd of 2010 (wow a year ago tomorrow and Im pretty glad im not celebrating that anniversary!)
So Let me sum this up, met December 19th, spent time together until I think January 11th (literally everyday) then spent from that day until the last week of march only seeing each other three times! So in person we only knew each other for 2 months total Id say. AND I MARRIED HIM A MONTH LATER! Ah I was out of my mind!?!
So needless to say, I was 12 hours away from my family (I was very very close to my family) and constantly home sick, surrounded by people who I shared no interest with, who were pigs and I am not, who lived a COMPLETE different lifestyle I enjoy! They constantly drink, I don't, They liked to live like pigs and never clean up I don't! They like to think whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine, I don't! I was in a complete state of depression, I had NO friends, NO family, and a husband who in my head didn't not define Husband.  Well, I got pregnant I was ecstatic! Kyle on the other hand, yeah he seemed happy but not really. Days went by, I had horrible morning sickness, I wanted my family around, I wanted support and I had NONE not even from my "Husband". I continued to live this life, torturing myself, why you ask? Well I have no idea to this day to be honest. July leave time was coming up and man of man was I SOOOO excited to go back home and see everyone! Little did I know, I would be coming home and staying home with just 1 suitcase full of summer clothes and my laptop, none of my other belongings. Well things went DOWN HILL big time with Kyle while up in our Home state. I wanted to spend EVERY waking minute with my family, he wanted to spend every waking minute with his, he got mad at me for spending so much time with my family and it caused the ending to our relationship, things got way too out of hand and it was my way to get out of the un happy, too early, too young, un wanted, too far away marriage life I was living. (Did you catch that I am still 19 and this was a year ago?). So Kyle flew back down to base, I told him I needed more time around my family, little did he know (I didn't exactly know for sure either) that this was the end of our short pathetic should have never happened marriage. Well this not only ended our marriage but our relationship of whatever you would classify it completely! Constant fights, and just not something someone who is pregnant should have to deal with. He made me hate him with his emotional abuse. Jayden will be 3 months old on Monday and Kyle has asked about him 3 times and the last time was when Jayden was 1 month old, his family also hasn't asked since he was 1 month old. So because of all the fighting and the absentness (which i expected) I chose to give Jayden my maiden name! Thank God for my amazing boyfriend who plays the role as daddy in Jaydens life, he was nervous about it before he arrived but he loves every second of Jayden being here! He loves having the honor to be daddy to Jayden. 
Alex and I have been together for 8 months today, and do plan to get married some day. Alex and I were high school sweethearts for some time.
Well that's a long story not short haha, I cant ever make a long story short but that's the story behind the 3 last names if this small 3 persons family =]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Well Ill be wordless but not this little man he was chatting up a storm

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

We went to see the Easter bunny
He is always so serious when the camera comes around
This is lyric I watch her sats and suns. She did NOT like the bunny so this is what we got =[

<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Saturday Morning Scene" src=""/><br /> </a><br />  

Errrr I don't get why that it wont work on mine =[

Friday, April 8, 2011


March 31st Jayden hit 2 months, I am late on posting this I know OOPS lol, I just get so wrapped up into my little man I don't feel like I have the time to make a long post.
Friday April 1st Jayden has his two month well baby.

Here is his Progress
Weight:7lbs 7oz
Length:21 inches
 1 Month;
Weight:9lbs 12oz (50th Percentile)
Length: 22 Inches (50th Percentile)
Head Circumference: Nurse didn't tell me

2 Months;
Weight: 11lbs 8oz (50th Percentile)
Length: 24.75 Inches (95th Percentile)
Head Circumference: 16 Inches (50th Percentile)

 Wearing size 1 diapers in pampers only, huggies make you break out.
Still strictly breastfed,you've had one nights worth of bottles on daddies birthday and you didn't like it very much (im sorry!!!).
You wear size 0-3, and 3 month clothing, no more newborn.
According to the doctor you're doing great and I agree. =]
you are very good at holding your head up on your own now, you can do it 98% of the time with no wobbles.
When you're awake you love to be sitting up not laying down. (good =])
 You eat about every 3 hours.
You sleep about 8 hours at night now YAYYY.
You are very chatty and active when you are awake. =]
Tummy time doesn't bother you as long as you are propped up on the bobby pillow,if not you don't like it so much.
You still sleep with mommy and daddy :D but you will sleep on your own.
Mommy usually puts you to sleep but you have no problem falling asleep on your own. =]]
Yesterday was Our first nice daytime walk =]] 
You enjoyed it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Since it technically is

Today I started Making Bows
Its Super Fun!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

SHHH Secret Sundays

I want to blog more often but sometimes most of the time, I find myself lacking what to blog about. So I decided to start Secret Sundays. Each Sunday I am going to try to post a secret I have. =] 
Comment your secrets!
I rarely put my son down, which means I lack at taking care of all the house chores. =/ bad house "wife." I am getting better at realizing I have to put him down sometimes but I just don't ever want to let go. =]

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

This Is the first time I have ever done "Saturday Morning Scene." We aren't very exciting this Saturday morning which is probably why I actually remembered and took the time to do this. =] As I have been trying to get into it the last couple weeks. I'm still new to this whole blogging thing and quite frankly I suck at it so bare with me!(Can't figure out how to get the button to show up!)
Excuse the poor quality pictures my camera batteries are dead and I didn't know until I went to take these so they are camera phone pictures.
We are now waiting for Daddy to get here. Jayden is snoozing away and I am blogging obviously, while enjoying all of this.(picture below)
As soon as Alex gets here its off to my dads house we go. 

Well that's our Saturday morning Scene. I am going to try to post more on Jayden being 2 months later :D

<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Saturday Morning Scene" src=""/>

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time For Blogging?

I want to get into this whole blogging thing so bad! I can't ever seem to find the time to though. I guess it can be blamed on the fact that I have a almost 2 month old (wow where has time gone) son who I never want to put down. :D
It has been about 2 weeks since I last blogged, and even that one was a weeks worth shortened up. This time I will not share every day but I will sum some stuff up and write about my favorites. :D
The week following my last post I had time off work (yes I am back to work already but If I haven't stated before, I am a nanny and my son comes with me). The Family I nanny for took a vacation to Chicago, awesome for them and even better for me! See I get all the time in the world with my son (SO thankful for that) but we don't get as much daddy time as we would like now that I am back to work. Alex doesn't work a normal 8-5 weekday job. His schedule is somewhat different every week, some days full days off (never on the weekend when I have mine), some days off (im at work so we don't see him then) and some evenings off, so put it this way, unless I'm not working, we don't get a full day of daddy time. This week was great to have, and spoiled us with daddy time! I dream of being a stay at home mom and although my income is just considered extra we like that extra so I do work. I wish I could find PT family to work with who would allow my son to be with me. Although Come June I will have a new job where I will have the permission to have more fun with the kids (maybe one day I will share the un-liked parts of my job... pretty much the whole thing). 
During that time off, Jayden went to the Movie Theater for the first time! No not to watch a movie of course, mommy and daddy wanted to go see "The Adjustment Bureau" and at the time I still hadn't pumped any and didn't want to part with him anyways so he tagged along, and he slept/nursed the whole time. 

Here is my BIG event that happened since the last time I blogged. Since Jayden was born I have had the urge to go to church, I used to go regularly, then it went down to here and there and then it stopped completely. I kept telling my cousin (my church buddy as we call each other) that we need to go to church. Well this past Friday I went to a place called FUEL (a place for teens in the area I live in to go hang out and have fun in a safe environment on Friday nights), I used to attend every friday from the time I was in 8th grade (when it opened) until My sophomore year and then it was just on occasion (my lifestyle changed... for the better might I add!), My little sister now goes there and the Lady who runs it is someone very important to me and I wanted her to meet my son Jayden so I went up there so she could. We talked and talked to catch up and church got brought up and I asked her where she went and she said "Freedom Center" (the church I used to attend) and then told me about how I should go, so since invited (not that I need to be invited) I told my cousin we were going. We made it a big thing, breakfast before hand and then 11:30 service. I had an AMAZING time! It felt GREAT!! UNTILLLL  service was over and I got pulled aside like a 5 year old and got talked to about Nursing my son during service like I did something wrong. I personally am not in any way uncomfortable nursing my son anywhere. YES I do cover up while preparing and latching him, and well after that NO I don't because Jayden gets too hot and there is just NO need for it in my head. No one can see anything anyways. So needless to say I got looked down upon for nursing my son and told not to do it unless i go in the cry room AT CHURCH... of all places. Im not sure how i feel about going back, I want to but I will not leave worship to go hide while nursing! Maybe Ill wear this hoody?... I have been wanting to buy it. How do you all feel about this? (nursing in public or others doing it).

Tomorrow is Friday March 25th, my mans big 21st birthday, we are going to the casino after we are both off work, obviously my 2 month old son cannot come =[ DARN. This will be my first time away from Jayden :'( The casino is 2 hours away, I might just cry the whole way there (judge me all you want). I am NOT ready for this moment!!! But Im sure I never will be. And its Alex's 21st we have to celebrate! Hopefully I will have fun and not spend the whole time worrying (although i know he will be in great hands). STILL NOT READY LOL

I'm done for now =] I will try to post again after tomorrow to tell you how things went on our first night away. Here is some pictures I editted and LOVE, just tihought I'd share =]
Have a great Thursday, Friday and weekend =]]

Friday, March 11, 2011


So I haven't been on here since last week. This past week has been pretty busy for us even though it was my week off work.

Jayden got some one month photos done. He was up smiling and posing (how a one month old can pose) and then he got super cranky and it was nursing and nap time (worked out great cause then we got sleeping pictures =]). Here are a few of the pictures taken. (Credit to my friend Louann =])

Fussy But I can't Help but Love this picture
Mommy's prince charming
Mommy kisses are the best
Gentle Touch of a mothers hand
First time ever in his crib (bad mommy? I don't think so I love co-sleeping)

First and only one completed

I spent the day with my cousin doing crafty stuff, Making custom initials for her 4 children (I only got one done). I am still working on 3 other big letters and my sons initials. Practice makes perfect, I really enjoy this and may start doing it on the side. :) This one is not great though (I did it while nursing my fussy leg kicking son who made my hand very unsteady while panting).

Me holding them =]
Jayden 5 weeks Marissa 24 Weeks
Then the evening with my little family and my best friends little family who was up visiting from Indiana. Her daughter and my son are about 5 months apart. We call them boyfriend and girlfriend :D. They decided to stay the night with us. The Men played Xbox and Lyndsey and I took car of the babies and played cards over girl chats =] It was a good time!

Since I had the week off and my boyfriend had Tuesday Wed and Thursday off, we got convinced to follow them back down to Indiana where they live and spend our off time there to get away. Well it took some time convincing my boyfriend (Until about 6pm) we got on the road at about 9 or so and arrived to there house around 1:45. This was Jaydens first long(ish) car ride, He was very fussy at first (till about midnight), I had to continue to feed him and rock his car seat  until he finally fell asleep. After that, he was great. We got to there house and who knew that night I wouldn't get ANY sleep! Jayden was all mixed around and was awake from 2am until 7am. AHHHH! Finally went fell asleep around then and woke up around 11.

After sleeping in, we got up and met Lyndsey's mom out to eat so she could meet Jayden, then off to the mall. :D Not sure what we were thinking going to the mall without strollers! After the mall it was back to the house for dinner and family time.

Took them 35 minutes
We planned to go to Downtown Indianapolis as soon as Lyndsey's Fiance got off work. 10:30Am SURPRISE I have to go get stitches, well that took until about 1, we decided to go out to lunch before we hit the road to head home. We went to a place call Bubs, any of you Man vs Food fans would know that this is the home of the big and ugly (1lb burger challenge). Well Wade and Alex did this challenge and succeeded and now have their picture on the wall.


Today (Friday):
Has been a very unsuccessful day due to a gassy baby, who has wanted to do nothing but nurse and fight his sleep (finally sleeping in my arms now). I am going to now get off here and try to get ready and get out of the house :D
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Smiles Ear to Ear

I feel the need to post this now even though I already made a post for today.
Jayden has been smiling in his sleep since I swear day one, but today he did more.
Today I was playing with Jayden in our bed, I had him sitting up on my knees, and I got his first real smiles out of him. Man oh Man did that make my day! I wish Daddy wasn't at work so he could see it, but I did get pictures (good thing and of course)! Jayden is such a content Happy baby!!! I love him so much!!

Thank you for making my everyday the best Baby Boy!!!

I Love You!!

1 Month ALREADY?

WOW! Has this time been FLYING by! I can hardly believe it and although I enjoy every single day that has gone by, I wish it would slow down!!!

You are officially one month old as of yesterday March 4th, since there was no Feb 31st. You had 1 month well baby visit and all was well until you had to get your second part of your Hep shot. I cried (I hate to hear you cry). But It was a great feeling to be the one to comfort you and calm him down in just a few seconds! You are doing great with everything, growing and developing according to the doctors, which mommy and daddy had no doubt of that what so ever.

You at one month old (you wear a serious face a lot =])
Weight:9lbs 12oz
Length: 22 inches
Weight:7lbs 7oz
Length:21 inches

This is you in the hospital.

You are wearing newborn, 0-3 months and 3 months clothes. All depends on the brand. Newborn mainly but because you are so long a lot of clothing tends to be too short on you. 0-3 months in some sleepers, and 3 month onesies from Carters. 

You are in size one Huggies diapers, Pampers seem to run a little big and their size ones are a little big on you. So far mommy and daddy have not had to buy any diapers or wipes thanks to everyone at our baby shower!

You love your swing, although mommy doesn't put you down much so you don't get too much time in it, (don't worry you don't mind being in mommy's arms at all). You don't mind tummy time, can hold your head up to look around very well, and you enjoy sitting up (with assistance of course because you still aren't able to hold your head and body up on your own, which is normal.)

You eat about every 2-3 hours during the day, at night you are now eating every 5-6 hours (Yay for starting to let mommy and daddy sleep more)! You are strictly breastfed. You love sleeping on mommy or daddy's chest. At night you do sleep with mommy and daddy, either on mommy's chest or with my one arm holding you. You have not yet slept in your crib, or even been in it for that matter. Not too sure when that day will come either. You make the cutest faces while sleeping, here they are.

Such complete opposite faces but I love them, and love watching you sleep!

You like to tell mommy and daddy stories as we call it (coo and make noises). We love to listen and talk to you right back!

You are very active, always moving your arms and legs when you are awake. When we hold you up sometimes you straighten your legs to stand up!
You really enjoy bath time, (you didn't enjoy the first one at all). You Lay there happy as can be while we talk to you and make sure to keep poring  water all over.

Jayden (baby boy, bubby, bubba) You are a true blessing from God! I did not think I could ever love anything or anyone so much! You mean the world to both Daddy and I! We love watching you grow, spending every moment with you, all that it takes to be parents and doing everything possible for you!

Happy One Month Baby Boy!

We Love you!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Story

I am Brittani, I am 19 years old, 20 in July. My boyfriend is Alex, he is 20, 21 at the end of March. Our son is Jayden, he was born January 31, 2011.
Alex met each other through our moms who met each other through work. Alex's mom and My mom were very good friends and when they hung out and Alex came around I tried my hardest to avoid him. I was a trouble maker at this age (12) thought I was the hottest of the hot and the best of the best. To me Alex was a geek who I wanted NOTHING to do with. He always tried to flirt with me (haha flirting at such a young age) and it always annoyed me, and he was always looking at me. Alex and his mom, moved in with us for a short period of time, at this point I still felt the same way about him, and he still continued to crush over me. =]
I entered high school (Alex was a sophomore) and he was still pretty non existent in my world. (I was wrapped up into my no good trouble maker boyfriend). Summer of my Freshman year, I worked at a ice cream shop my grandparents owned, a lot of hours spent there were super slow and i ended up messaging Alex on my phone from what I told him accidentally, I bet it was on purpose out of boredom (up to this point we did start to talk a little more as friends). That day begun the period of when it all began.  VERY slowly though! We started talking here and there a little more and more as time went by. My low life boyfriend moved away and at the beginning of my sophomore year we broke up, still with feelings for him (to this day idk how or why) I didn't really pay attention or think about any other guys. Alex was a football player, and that year I got into football, supporting his number on my home made shirts, talking to him after the games and all, (so you could say that on the down low, I started to slowly like him =]) that school year went by, and the summer began and Alex and I started to hang out here and there, talk a lot more and could definitely tell things were starting to click. The end of July Alex's family always has their family reunion, well my family went to it also, and that summer I decided to go. Alex and I spent the whole time together, while being made fun of and watched like a hawk by my dad (of course). We shared our first kiss at that family reunion. We didn't get together yet, why... well because I was still wrapped up into my stupid ex boyfriend. At this point I had my license and thought we could get back together since we could see each other, not thinking about how we never got along. Well as I continued to lead Alex in and let him down all the time (I was not a nice girl to like) he didn't lose hope of getting me to leave my ex behind and make him my boyfriend. Time went by, school started, Alex and I spent more and more time together at school, I supported him at the games even more and then homecoming comes around, Alex asked me to the dance but I said no we can dance together but I'm going to go with just friends (reason being, Alex was a jock, me and my friends... ehhh not so much, and I always thought my friends would judge me for liking him so I didn't want to let them know yet.) The dance came, we danced a little, and then he decided to take off to go to a friends party, he came and found me before and said goodbye and we kissed once again. That night Alex ended up kissing another girl that night and told me the next day... Yeah I didn't like that one bit! I got SUPER jealous. Well Monday comes around and after school we hung out, that day (October 15th 2007) Alex and I started dating. The following august or September (wish I remembered the exact date) Alex got me a promise ring. I got him one a few months later. I then started talking to my STUPID ex again, hung out with him and my "feelings" came back, Feb of 2009 Alex and I broke up and I got back together with the idiot. Alex stopped talking to me and as hard as i tried he just left that wall up between us for a while. Eventually He started talking to me again, but before this happened, I got pregnant (miscarried in May) the stupid boyfriend became my ex in June. Alex and I were talking more again by this point, but he had decided he wanted to enter the Marines (I begged him not to (I still loved him) but my opinion didn't matter we weren't together... expected) Alex and I became close again, but getting back together was a no because I still wasn't over my stupid ex and I didn't want to hurt Alex again. When Alex leaving for the Marines got brought up I always got brought down, and mixed signals were sent between each other like me saying I would be here for him when he got back but he always said "what if you meet someone else get married and get pregnant", I always said "That wont happen don't worry". Well sure enough the end of fall rolls around and I got back together with the ex AGAIN (man was I stupid) and supported his low life self, come December and I realized I was SICK and TIRED of supporting a male, who was going NO WHERE in life. We constantly fought, I tried to get him to leave and he wouldn't give up until I just stopped talking to him for a night, this night being a night that I hung out with a coworker and some of his friends and his brother. Well I thought his brother was just Mr. Perfect, him and I started dating and then he went back to NC (he is in the Army) Alex heard about all this, and being the good guy that he is listened to everything I had to say whether he wanted to hear it or not. Alex told me his honest opinion about how he didn't think it would work out and how I was moving too fast with this guy I barley knew (every one else felt the same way but me and him (kyle) ). I moved down to NC with kyle and got married to him in April (mind you we met and got together in December everyone was right we took it way too fast. But I thought that's how military relationships had to go. ) Alex and I weren't talking much but when he found this out he wasn't too happy and didn't really have any interest in talking to me. Little did he know, I began to hate this man that I married and realized that I needed who I really loved (alex) to talk to me. I got pregnant in May (I was ecstatic, kyle... well not so much). I had very bad morning sickness which lasted all day and Kyle did nothing but treat me like his slave and once I was sick and wasnt doing much around the house or any cooking it was the end of the world and all hell broke loose, I was MISERABLE, not only was I pregnant, and sick with a husband treating me like shit but I was also 750 miles away from EVERY ONE I had to be with this guy who I thought was Mr. Perfect. Come July (of 2010 if you lost time) Him and I came back to Michigan to spend his independence day leave time with our families. I am VERY close to all of my family, and at this point all I wanted to do was spend every single possible moment with them. Kyle began to make accusations about me spending so much time with my family and we were constantly fighting, I didn't want to be around him for a new him was starting to show, a mean one. I went out to lunch with Alex one day and that day Kyle went insane and accused me of cheating and saying the baby wasn't his. I was with Alex at the time of this phone call and Alex saw how crazy things got and made me stay at his moms house and sleep on the couch because of how Kyle was being. Well, that night everything split out to Alex, I told him how I hated being with kyle because of the way he treated me and how I just didn't know what to do because I was pregnant and couldn't move back home for I had no one to help with the baby and no where to live. Things just got worse and worse with Kyle and I constantly turned to Alex for support, bringing alex and I closer and closer. Kyle went back down to NC and I decided to stay home in Michigan to make a decision on whether I wanted to be with him or not. He left mid July, by the end of July I made up my mind, I was not going back down to NC I was done with him treating me like a POS. Alex and I were spending a lot of time together again and he made me feel great when we were together. By the end of August (2010) Alex and I were dating again. I was scared though because here I am pregnant with someone else's child and Alex not knowing if he is ready for the commitment of being a dad but he knew he loved me and wanted to be with me and so it happened and over time he got more and more comfortable with the situation. about a month later I moved out of my cousins house and in with Alex and his mom while we decided if we wanted to get a place together on our own. We noticed that living together was something we loved and that it was for us and made us stronger, come the end of novemeber we finally moved into our own apartment. Well things continued to go great, I became more and more pregnant and reality continued to come closer, we were about to be a family, Alex was about to take a big roll in a child's life who biologically isn't his, but that did not bother him a bit. Three weeks away from what We all thought was my due date we found out the doctors were a month off and I wasn't due January 6th I was due February 3rd. Alex and I were ready for the baby to be here by this point and now more waiting (and him dealing with all my crazy hormones hahaha poor guy!). Time got closer to my due date, and we started trying everything possible to get the baby here with us :) of course as everyone says he will come when he is ready. SO TRUE! I ended up being induced Monday January 31st at 8:30am, and had our son Jayden at 7:07pm. Alex right there by my side the whole time! He was the best support ever!!! As soon as jayden was born Alex cut the umbilical cord (mind you the whole pregnancy he said he wouldn't up until that day). He knew how much it meant to me for him to cut it. When I got to hold my son for the first time, Alex leaned down, kissed me and said "lets start our family". I then knew, he was completely serious about wanting everything we had and to be "daddy" to Jayden. Alex and I spend every day together enjoying every minute with Jayden.

Kyle (Jayden's what I like to call sperm donor) has asked about Jayden 2 times, and has yet to meet him. I could care less whether Kyle is a part of Jayden's life, I would much rather him just stay away. I grew up without my biological father, but always had a dad and always knew he wasn't my biological father. I would have no problem raising Jayden this way, whether Kyle decides to eventually be a part of Jayden's life I can Guarantee that Jayden (by choice) will still call Alex dad. And that's how it should be because "Any guy can be a father, only the special guys can be a Daddy".

Jayden is our life, we live every day for him, he is what now gets us up and out of bed. Our days are longer and our nights are shorter, but we wouldn't change him for the world! We love life as a small young family! Jayden means everything to us! We enjoy every day watching him learn new things and grow (although we hate how fast its going). Jayden will be 1 month old on Friday March 4th (there is no Feb 31st so we had to count out the days). I can't believe it! Being a mom is the best thing in the world! I am strictly breast feeding Jayden, my job as a nanny allows me to do that along with bring Jayden to work with me which I love because I always wanted to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) once I had kids, and well we all know how the economy is, by no means would we struggle if I didn't work but we like it better to where we don't have to be tight on money and hey I get to bring my son with me so I still get all the time with him in the world. =]

Well this is a book and that's the beginning to our story, caught up to this day. Blogs from now on will be about our day to day life as a new family. 

I want to add that I have been following the Blog on the Staat Family and their story, they are who influenced me to start a blog, life is short, sometimes to short, and everything needs to be remembered and shared, this will be one of my ways of remembering and sharing everything! 
R.I.P Maddie Staat you are one beautiful angel baby that God has up there with him! Everyone has helped this family out by showing support with Bows. I do not have a baby girl so this was my way of showing support for them.