Friday, April 8, 2011


March 31st Jayden hit 2 months, I am late on posting this I know OOPS lol, I just get so wrapped up into my little man I don't feel like I have the time to make a long post.
Friday April 1st Jayden has his two month well baby.

Here is his Progress
Weight:7lbs 7oz
Length:21 inches
 1 Month;
Weight:9lbs 12oz (50th Percentile)
Length: 22 Inches (50th Percentile)
Head Circumference: Nurse didn't tell me

2 Months;
Weight: 11lbs 8oz (50th Percentile)
Length: 24.75 Inches (95th Percentile)
Head Circumference: 16 Inches (50th Percentile)

 Wearing size 1 diapers in pampers only, huggies make you break out.
Still strictly breastfed,you've had one nights worth of bottles on daddies birthday and you didn't like it very much (im sorry!!!).
You wear size 0-3, and 3 month clothing, no more newborn.
According to the doctor you're doing great and I agree. =]
you are very good at holding your head up on your own now, you can do it 98% of the time with no wobbles.
When you're awake you love to be sitting up not laying down. (good =])
 You eat about every 3 hours.
You sleep about 8 hours at night now YAYYY.
You are very chatty and active when you are awake. =]
Tummy time doesn't bother you as long as you are propped up on the bobby pillow,if not you don't like it so much.
You still sleep with mommy and daddy :D but you will sleep on your own.
Mommy usually puts you to sleep but you have no problem falling asleep on your own. =]]
Yesterday was Our first nice daytime walk =]] 
You enjoyed it!