Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time For Blogging?

I want to get into this whole blogging thing so bad! I can't ever seem to find the time to though. I guess it can be blamed on the fact that I have a almost 2 month old (wow where has time gone) son who I never want to put down. :D
It has been about 2 weeks since I last blogged, and even that one was a weeks worth shortened up. This time I will not share every day but I will sum some stuff up and write about my favorites. :D
The week following my last post I had time off work (yes I am back to work already but If I haven't stated before, I am a nanny and my son comes with me). The Family I nanny for took a vacation to Chicago, awesome for them and even better for me! See I get all the time in the world with my son (SO thankful for that) but we don't get as much daddy time as we would like now that I am back to work. Alex doesn't work a normal 8-5 weekday job. His schedule is somewhat different every week, some days full days off (never on the weekend when I have mine), some days off (im at work so we don't see him then) and some evenings off, so put it this way, unless I'm not working, we don't get a full day of daddy time. This week was great to have, and spoiled us with daddy time! I dream of being a stay at home mom and although my income is just considered extra we like that extra so I do work. I wish I could find PT family to work with who would allow my son to be with me. Although Come June I will have a new job where I will have the permission to have more fun with the kids (maybe one day I will share the un-liked parts of my job... pretty much the whole thing). 
During that time off, Jayden went to the Movie Theater for the first time! No not to watch a movie of course, mommy and daddy wanted to go see "The Adjustment Bureau" and at the time I still hadn't pumped any and didn't want to part with him anyways so he tagged along, and he slept/nursed the whole time. 

Here is my BIG event that happened since the last time I blogged. Since Jayden was born I have had the urge to go to church, I used to go regularly, then it went down to here and there and then it stopped completely. I kept telling my cousin (my church buddy as we call each other) that we need to go to church. Well this past Friday I went to a place called FUEL (a place for teens in the area I live in to go hang out and have fun in a safe environment on Friday nights), I used to attend every friday from the time I was in 8th grade (when it opened) until My sophomore year and then it was just on occasion (my lifestyle changed... for the better might I add!), My little sister now goes there and the Lady who runs it is someone very important to me and I wanted her to meet my son Jayden so I went up there so she could. We talked and talked to catch up and church got brought up and I asked her where she went and she said "Freedom Center" (the church I used to attend) and then told me about how I should go, so since invited (not that I need to be invited) I told my cousin we were going. We made it a big thing, breakfast before hand and then 11:30 service. I had an AMAZING time! It felt GREAT!! UNTILLLL  service was over and I got pulled aside like a 5 year old and got talked to about Nursing my son during service like I did something wrong. I personally am not in any way uncomfortable nursing my son anywhere. YES I do cover up while preparing and latching him, and well after that NO I don't because Jayden gets too hot and there is just NO need for it in my head. No one can see anything anyways. So needless to say I got looked down upon for nursing my son and told not to do it unless i go in the cry room AT CHURCH... of all places. Im not sure how i feel about going back, I want to but I will not leave worship to go hide while nursing! Maybe Ill wear this hoody?... I have been wanting to buy it. How do you all feel about this? (nursing in public or others doing it).

Tomorrow is Friday March 25th, my mans big 21st birthday, we are going to the casino after we are both off work, obviously my 2 month old son cannot come =[ DARN. This will be my first time away from Jayden :'( The casino is 2 hours away, I might just cry the whole way there (judge me all you want). I am NOT ready for this moment!!! But Im sure I never will be. And its Alex's 21st we have to celebrate! Hopefully I will have fun and not spend the whole time worrying (although i know he will be in great hands). STILL NOT READY LOL

I'm done for now =] I will try to post again after tomorrow to tell you how things went on our first night away. Here is some pictures I editted and LOVE, just tihought I'd share =]
Have a great Thursday, Friday and weekend =]]