Friday, April 22, 2011

Behind the Title

As you can see my blog title is "The Family with 3 Last Names" and since I have change it I have been meaning to explain it all. Some may think this is too personal to share, some may not, in my case, I want to share!
I have a little family of three and each member (my son, myself, and my boyfriend) all have different last names. My son has my maiden last name for the being of his Biological father (no Alex is not his biological father) is pretty much not in the picture. As I said Jayden has my maiden last name so there for you understand that yes I have been married, still currently am, but have been separated since July of 2010. So that is where the second last name comes from, and then Alex, well he has his last name so that makes 3.
Back in December of 2009 I met my sons biological father, for some odd reason I thought I met Mr. Perfect (HA what a joke!) We instantly became inseparable. I went down to Florida with him New years day, to meet his mom and step dad (I know I was out of my mind, drive from the top of the US to the bottom a total of 25 hours in the car, with someone I barely new (met him December 19th I think) but i thought it was a great idea... good thing he let me return!) Flew back home a week or so later and continued on with long distance relationship of 12 hours apart. See Kyle was in the military and was stationed in North Carolina. I traveled down to see him 3 time and then decided to move down there (I look back today and can't believe how quick I did all this and realize everyone who said anything about it was RIGHT!) The third time I went down there he proposed to me, sometime in march (nope don't remember the date). We got married April 23rd of 2010 (wow a year ago tomorrow and Im pretty glad im not celebrating that anniversary!)
So Let me sum this up, met December 19th, spent time together until I think January 11th (literally everyday) then spent from that day until the last week of march only seeing each other three times! So in person we only knew each other for 2 months total Id say. AND I MARRIED HIM A MONTH LATER! Ah I was out of my mind!?!
So needless to say, I was 12 hours away from my family (I was very very close to my family) and constantly home sick, surrounded by people who I shared no interest with, who were pigs and I am not, who lived a COMPLETE different lifestyle I enjoy! They constantly drink, I don't, They liked to live like pigs and never clean up I don't! They like to think whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine, I don't! I was in a complete state of depression, I had NO friends, NO family, and a husband who in my head didn't not define Husband.  Well, I got pregnant I was ecstatic! Kyle on the other hand, yeah he seemed happy but not really. Days went by, I had horrible morning sickness, I wanted my family around, I wanted support and I had NONE not even from my "Husband". I continued to live this life, torturing myself, why you ask? Well I have no idea to this day to be honest. July leave time was coming up and man of man was I SOOOO excited to go back home and see everyone! Little did I know, I would be coming home and staying home with just 1 suitcase full of summer clothes and my laptop, none of my other belongings. Well things went DOWN HILL big time with Kyle while up in our Home state. I wanted to spend EVERY waking minute with my family, he wanted to spend every waking minute with his, he got mad at me for spending so much time with my family and it caused the ending to our relationship, things got way too out of hand and it was my way to get out of the un happy, too early, too young, un wanted, too far away marriage life I was living. (Did you catch that I am still 19 and this was a year ago?). So Kyle flew back down to base, I told him I needed more time around my family, little did he know (I didn't exactly know for sure either) that this was the end of our short pathetic should have never happened marriage. Well this not only ended our marriage but our relationship of whatever you would classify it completely! Constant fights, and just not something someone who is pregnant should have to deal with. He made me hate him with his emotional abuse. Jayden will be 3 months old on Monday and Kyle has asked about him 3 times and the last time was when Jayden was 1 month old, his family also hasn't asked since he was 1 month old. So because of all the fighting and the absentness (which i expected) I chose to give Jayden my maiden name! Thank God for my amazing boyfriend who plays the role as daddy in Jaydens life, he was nervous about it before he arrived but he loves every second of Jayden being here! He loves having the honor to be daddy to Jayden. 
Alex and I have been together for 8 months today, and do plan to get married some day. Alex and I were high school sweethearts for some time.
Well that's a long story not short haha, I cant ever make a long story short but that's the story behind the 3 last names if this small 3 persons family =]